Our Approach & Philosophy

At Prentiss & Carlisle, we believe that active, hands-on forest management is critical to help forests reach their full potential.

We work closely with our clients to identify and achieve a broad range of goals, from long-term growth and sustainability to significant short-term cash flow requirements — always with an eye toward identifying and maximizing your forest’s values, productivity, and overall return on investment.

Our Values

  • The well-being of our clients is our first priority. We ethically and efficiently deliver the highest quality professional services, always with our clients’ best interests in mind.
  • We believe our forests are an asset capable of simultaneously providing both industrial products and environmental services and amenities. They are sustainably managed with a long-term perspective, in accordance with our clients’ objectives.
  • Our employees are the engine of our company. They are empowered with the tools, responsibility, and authority to perform to the highest level. They are provided with a healthy, congenial, and stimulating workplace.
  • We contribute to our communities in which we work by being a good corporate citizen, by striving to be a stable employer, and by setting an example for other businesses.
  • The long-term success of our forest product customers is necessary for our clients’ and our own success. We treat them honestly and ethically.