Commercial Forest Management

Since 1924, we’ve been helping our clients get the most out of their forests. Our strategies are founded on the two things that matter most in our industry: many years of boots-on-the-ground experience and a deep commitment to responsible forest stewardship practices and the conservation of natural resources. Whether your goals are to develop a short term cash flow plan, optimize long-term income yield, or preserve environmental or landscape values, Prentiss & Carlisle can help you each step of the way.

From excellent return on investment to the growth and sustainability of timber assets to the optimization of underlying land values, aesthetics, and recreational opportunities, P&C focuses on maximizing the value of your forestland resource—whatever your goals.

Integrated Forest Planning & Logistics

Responsible forestry requires thoughtful planning that is integrated, strategic, and precise. Since each forest is unique, our foresters develop custom-tailored plans that go way beyond just managing trees. We develop a comprehensive vision for each forest that both meets immediate goals and preserves or enhances future value. Logistic elements such as road systems, infrastructure, terrain features, and easements/rights-of-way are carefully considered in advance so as to create a single integrated plan that is aligned with landowner objectives.

Timber Sale Administration

Once the plan is set into motion, our forestry team oversees, monitors, and adjusts. Timber markets are dynamic and require close attention to make sure our plan is developing into the results we expect, and that the value of every tree is maximized. Our foresters lay out and oversee the harvest operations, perform inspections to ensure compliance, and administer each contract.

Accounting & Reporting

At P&C, we speak both the language of forestry and the language of finance. Our team has solid experience in accounting, finance, forestland investment analysis, and industry-related taxation issues. Whether you have your own professional accounting staff or are just seeking a little help, we can help you analyze how your forest is performing and what changes you might need to make to maximize your rate of return.

We use an integrated software system to track all wood deliveries and timber receipts and seamlessly generate GAAP-compliant reports on the financial performance of your forestry activities. That same system also tracks the movement of timber through the supply chain, so you know where the wood came from, where it went, and how it got there.

Forest Product Marketing

We believe that the marketing of timber begins long before the sale. It begins on the ground with targeted harvest operations that are strategic and value-driven—and that maximize the full end-to-end value of each tree. At P&C, the marketing of timber involves all facets of our company, from our forestry experts to our logging contractors and our marketing team. That gives us the ability to oversee the entire process from stump to mill and obtain the highest possible returns by combining many different harvests into large volume timber sales.

Regulatory Compliance

Landowners need to comply with a complex array of guidelines and regulations that ensure responsible forestland management, promote sustainable forests, and protect non-timber resources, such as water quality, wildlife, and soil. Regulations also affect timberland values and are a major consideration when evaluating a property for acquisition or disposition. For years, our clients have trusted P&C to not only ensure compliance to existing regulations in their forests, but also to stay involved in the process of developing sensible land-use laws that keep timberland working.

Value Enhancement

Many timberland owners today seek ways to diversify and enhance their properties’ values through alternative non-timber means. When done successfully, strategic out-sales, the overlayment of conservation or working forest easements, recreation value enhancement, and long-term structured commercial leases all often play a role in today’s forest. However, ensuring these projects stay compatible in the context of an active, working forest can be challenging. At P&C, we have the expertise to design, negotiate, and administer these non-timber projects all while preserving your core asset.