Woodlot Management

When professionally cared for, your woodlot can be beautiful, healthy, and profitable – no matter what its size. That’s why Prentiss & Carlisle offers a team of professional foresters that are cost-effective and provide a comprehensive range of woodlot management solutions – to help woodlot owners meet a variety of goals.

Each forest is different and each landowner’s situation is unique. Whatever your goals, Prentiss & Carlisle is ready to provide just the services you need. We’ve been caring for timberland since 1924, and like you, we’re landowners too. That means our woodlot clients benefit not only from nearly a century of experience but also from our proven forest management practices and marketplace expertise.

Perhaps you’d like to:

  • Evaluate the current condition of your land
  • Determine your woodlot’s value
  • Improve its overall health and aesthetics
  • Create or improve access
  • Improve wildlife habitat opportunities such as food plots
  • Explore tax mitigation strategies

Woodlot Planning

The key to being successful in any endeavor is having a well-prepared plan. This is also true when managing your woodlot. Our Woodlot Management Services staff is a team of experienced professional foresters who will listen to your goals and work with you to create a workable plan for one of your most valuable assets.

As our foresters evaluate your property, they look at the kinds of trees currently growing on your woodlot, their health, and their quality, to help assess your forest’s future potential. We then make management recommendations based on your individual goals. This provides a solid, customized plan tailored to your unique objectives to serve as the foundation for the management of your woodlot. For a short-term need, it could be as simple as a one-page harvest plan and a map. Or it could be as complex as a ten-year comprehensive management plan with a detailed forest inventory and appraised value. We provide just the services you need, right when you need them.

Harvesting Your Woodlot

Once a management plan is in place, it’s time to implement it—and we can help. For more than half a century, Prentiss & Carlisle has provided a full-service operations division to meet the needs of public and private landowners. From the harvesting and transportation of wood products to road and bridge building, we offer a team of highly-trained and skilled operators who use the latest equipment and technology to get your job done—cost effectively and always with regard for the surrounding environment. While the harvest is underway, our foresters will monitor the progress and ensure that your standards of quality and objectives are being met.

Marketing & Accounting

We sell hundreds of thousands of cords of timber every year to over 100 different mills. Our ability to market forest products allows us to pay you the highest possible price without compromising on quality or top-notch service. Prentiss & Carlisle’s knowledge of wood markets and logging costs provides you with a competitive advantage to help you meet your goals.

Tax Management Strategies

One of the concerns that many woodlot owners often have is the property taxes they pay for their land. Many states and municipalities offer current-use taxation programs for qualified forest land that allows owners to receive significant reductions in their property taxes. To take advantage of these programs, oftentimes a woodlot owner must have a written forest management plan that needs to be developed or reviewed by a professional forester. Fortunately, our foresters can help guide you through the complexities of the various tax programs and help determine if there is one right for you.