Real Estate & Valuation Services

It pays to know how much your forestland is worth. Our real estate appraisal team provides valuation services throughout the United States and Canada, specializing in the analysis of large commercially-managed forest properties. We routinely perform appraisals for transaction due diligence and strategic investment monitoring, estate tax purposes, and financing. Each forest is unique and has different value characteristics—we’ve been around for nearly a century and have seen it all. That’s why our appraisals have long been trusted by landowners, investors, lending institutions, government agencies, and courts of law.

While we may specialize in large timberland properties, our expertise also includes a variety of property types such as rural recreational properties, small woodlots, and other forestry-related commercial properties. We also provide valuation services to analyze the development potential for unimproved properties and cash flow analyses for a variety of special-use properties.

Prentiss & Carlisle’s experience managing commercial timberland complement our valuation and appraisal expertise by offering a diverse range of technical skills to our customers. Our timberland appraisals frequently rely on timber inventories, GIS analysis, and timber market and supply analyses—all services we provide in-house.

Transaction Due Diligence

Our team, led by a Certified General Appraiser, can quickly respond to requests to analyze current property offerings or to assist in developing an appropriate list price for timberland properties. We are frequently relied upon to provide advice for timberland purchases or sales by market participants in the eastern United States and Canada.

Timber Market Studies

P&C understands supply and demand. We understand the marketplace. And we annually direct-market large volumes of forest products to dozens of primary wood processors throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada. Our marketing expertise allows us to precisely analyze market potential—the key to establishing timber and timberland value—as part of our due diligence for land buyers. And, our many years of experience and broad knowledge base enable us to ask the right questions and quickly and confidently understand the marketplace in all geographic regions.