Timber Operations

For more than half a century, Prentiss & Carlisle has provided a full-service, in-woods operations team to meet the needs of both public and private landowners throughout Maine. In response to a need for reliable logging capacity, we built our own crew from the ground up, and from the start we have been focused on delivering high-quality dependable service to our clients. From the harvesting and transportation of timber to road and bridge building to access improvements, we offer an integrated team of skilled equipment operators who are trained in modern harvesting techniques. Our team uses the latest equipment to get the job done, cost-effectively, and always with regard for the surrounding environment.

Timber Harvesting

Prentiss & Carlisle’s experienced crews harvest approximately 90,000 cords of timber per year and provide our clients with an array of harvesting options, including:

  • Cut-To-Length: Highly trained loggers use computerized equipment to directionally fell, delimb, and cut trees to merchantable length in one operation. A forwarder then picks up the timber and piles it roadside, minimizing ground disturbance, while the equipment itself creates narrower trails, making cut-to-length the technique of choice for smaller spaces and sensitive areas.
  • Mechanical Harvesting: Skilled operators harvest many trees at a time using feller bunchers, our grapple skidders transport the tree-length timber to the landing, and the wood is then merchandised into logs and other wood products using delimbers.
  • Conventional Harvesting: Harvesters cut one tree at a time using chainsaws. The timber is then removed from the forest with cable skidders.

In-Woods Road & Bridge Construction

Our operations team builds roads and bridges for harvest access and maintains roads for individuals and municipalities throughout Maine. Most of our employees can expertly run three or four pieces of equipment, from feller bunchers to backhoes, while our graders are known as the best in the business.

Utility Line & Easement Work

Our operations team has worked with regional utility companies to develop and maintain right-of-way access and to provide matting and restoration services. We use specialized equipment and a specially trained team to provide utility crews with safe and simplified access to conduct line maintenance and repairs throughout Maine.

Pole Manufacturing & Wood Yard

Prentiss & Carlisle operates a utility pole peeling facility and wood concentration yard located in Newport, Maine. Standing red pine are marked for cutting by P&C representatives throughout New England. These utility poles are trucked to our Newport yard where they are peeled and sorted by length and grade. The poles are then transported to Canada for treatment.

Other forest products are purchased at this facility as well, including white pine logs, red pine logs, hemlock logs, spruce/fir sawlogs, firewood, and other pulpwood products. The yard maintains certified weight scales and licensed wood scalers. This facility also has a rail siding on Pan Am railways and has equipment and personnel for the loading and unloading of rail cars.