The Hammond Forest

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Located in Hammond Township (T3 R4 NBKP), Maine, The Hammond Forest offers an outstanding and unique timberland investment opportunity with diverse recreational attributes in the heart of Maine’s North Maine Woods.

Location & Access

Accessed via a private road network, the Hammond Forest is located in northern Somerset County just north of Canada Falls Lake, and enjoys legal access to all corners via multiple deeded right-of-way easements.  Several significant transportation corridors lie within easy reach to the parcel, including Maine’s fabled Golden Road and U.S. Route 201.  An extensive and well-maintained internal road network services the property and provides transportation to major timber markets.

The property is located in one of Maine’s best regions of commercially managed forestlands, and within close proximity to a diverse group of forest products markets in Quebec and Central Maine.  The area is prized for its recreational opportunities, and lies within a day’s drive of multiple major urban centers in the eastern United States and Canada, including Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, New York and Quebec City.

Property Overview

The Hammond Forest offers 7,756 ± acres of conservatively managed timberland with a diverse group of recreational opportunities in a location well situated to take advantage of multiple forest products markets, including pulp, lumbering, and maple sugaring. The property is located within striking distance of numerous timber processing facilities on the Quebec border along with the mills in central and eastern Maine.

The South Branch of the Penobscot River travels through the property, offering over 10.3 miles of frontage, and there are four existing recreational leases located along the river that generate additional annual income.  Several snowmobile trails, including ITS 89, are located near the property.  The property is located within Maine’s Wildlife Management District 8, and is in a region well-known for remote hunting and fishing experiences.

Timber Stocking

The Hammond Forest is an established commercial forestland that is currently dual certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®).  The property has a long history of conservative forest management and timber harvesting, leaving the investor over 19 cords of merchantable timber per forested acre, or nearly 130,000 cords.  Red spruce and balsam fir comprise over 51% of the total inventory, with hardwood pulpwood representing another 37%.

There are 4,400 MBF of hardwood sawlogs on the property, 49% of which are good quality sugar maple.  Yellow birch is also prevalent on the property, comprising 34% of the hardwood sawlog inventory.

Offering Information

The Hammond Forest property is being offered by sealed bid only.  Additional information, including property maps, GIS data, and detailed forest inventory data is available upon request, but require a non-disclosure agreement prior to transmittal.  Please also see the property disclosure form for additional important information.  Showings available by appointment only.

All bids must be received by 5:00 PM on August 9th, 2019 at the offices of Prentiss & Carlisle Management Company, 107 Court Street, Bangor, ME 04401.

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