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Prentiss and Carlisle
 Prentiss and Carlisle  Prentiss and Carlisle

Professional accounting allows
you — and us — to:
  • Analyze how your investment is performing and what changes, if any, you might need to make to increase your rate of return.
  • Obtain detailed financial schedules, such as those explained above.
  • Keep accurate track of revenues and expenses so you can take advantage of the capital gains treatment specifically afforded to timber harvesting. This also allows you or your accountant to more efficiently prepare your annual tax return.

Accounting and Reporting Services

Prentiss & Carlisle's experienced accounting team includes professionals with solid experience in accounting, finance, forestland investment analysis, and industry-related taxation issues. We use a comprehensive, customized software system to carefully and accurately monitor and report on the financial performance of your forestland investment.

Our services include
  • Short-term and long-term financial models that provide an overview of anticipated cash flows from your investment.
  • Quarterly profit & loss statements and budget to actual reports that detail actual performance and show how it compares to your fiscal budget, so you can appropriately analyze your investment results. These reports also show a breakdown of your revenue and expense items, so you know exactly where your income is coming from — and where it's going.
  • Land management account summaries that detail revenues and expenses on a tract-by-tract basis.
  • Harvest summaries that outline how much and what types of wood products have been harvested on a tract-by-tract basis as well as how much stumpage you're receiving on a species-by-species basis.

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